Fluorescent Tube Sleeves

Introducing a comprehensive range of Fluorescent Tube Sleeves designed to protect against the dangers of lamp breakage by containing shattered glass and toxins, whilst adding any of 27 wonderful light altering colours to your fluorescent lighting. We stock these sleeves in T5 (15mm diameter), T8 (25mm diameter) and T12 (38/40mm diameter) sizes and lengths ranging from a mere 152mm to 2400mm

T12 2 Foot - 600mm Clear (40mm Diameter)T5 304mm Coloured (15mm Diameter)
T12 2 Foot - 600mm Coloured (40mm Diameter)T5 533mm Clear (15mm Diameter)
T12 4 Foot - 1200mm Clear (40mm Diameter)T5 533mm Coloured (15mm Diameter)
T12 4 Foot - 1200mm Coloured (40mm Diameter)T5 849mm Clear (15mm Diameter)
T12 5 Foot - 1500mm Clear (40mm Diameter)T5 849mm Coloured (15mm Diameter)
T12 5 Foot - 1500mm Coloured (40mm Diameter)T8 1.5 Foot - 457mm Clear (25mm Diameter)
T12 6 Foot - 1800mm Clear (40mm Diameter)T8 1.5 Foot - 457mm Coloured (25mm Diameter)
T12 6 Foot - 1800mm Coloured (40mm Diameter)T8 2 Foot - 600mm Clear (25mm Diameter)
T12 8 Foot - 2400mm Clear (40mm Diameter)T8 2 Foot - 600mm Coloured (25mm Diameter)
T12 8 Foot - 2400mm Coloured (40mm Diameter)T8 3 Foot - 900mm Clear (25mm Diameter)
T5 1149mm Clear (15mm Diameter)T8 3 Foot - 900mm Coloured (25mm Diameter)
T5 1149mm Coloured (15mm Diameter)T8 4 Foot - 1200mm Clear (25mm Diameter)
T5 1449mm Clear (15mm Diameter)T8 4 Foot - 1200mm Coloured (25mm Diameter)
T5 152mm Clear (15mm Diameter)T8 5 Foot - 1500mm Clear (25mm Diameter)
T5 152mm Coloured (15mm Diameter)T8 5 Foot - 1500mm Coloured (25mm Diameter)
T5 228mm Coloured (15mm Diameter)T8 6 Foot - 1800mm Clear (25mm Diameter)
T5 228mm Inch Clear (15mm Diameter)T8 6 Foot - 1800mm Coloured (25mm Diameter)
T5 304mm Clear (15mm Diameter) 

Fluorescent Tube Sleeves Continued

These polycarbonate sleeves fit directly over a matching sized fluorescent tube and are secured by 2 snugly fitting end caps, giving total peace of mind in the event of a breakage.

Coloured safety sleeves are a low cost, reusable and highly durable solution for the creation of decorative and effect lighting in architectural, retail, hospitality, TV production, theatre, and museum, art gallery and interior design applications. Clear sleeves are primarily used in processing plants, food display, preparation and storage applications, where the prevention of contamination is of paramount importance. Safety sleeves also offer protection from damaging UV light (of vital importance for the preservation of artefacts and manuscripts), eliminate glare and absorb harmful UV radiation.