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Blue Fluorescent Tubes

A complete range of Blue Colour Fluorescent Tubes in a host of wattages, lengths and lamp sizes. These lamps fall into 2 categories; tanning/sunbed lamps and coloured fluorescent tubes. Philips Tanning Lamps are designed to suit different skin types and purposes. Each lamp is a high quality effective bulb that features the most advanced materials and the highest of product standards. Specific products are suitable for home and recreational tanning. The lamp life of these Philips tanning lamps ranges between 500 hours and 1000 hours.
Coloured Fluorescent Tubes are a great and easy way to create instant low cost decorative and atmospheric light effects in a host of applications where a fitting already exists; in retail displays, entertainment, advertising and party lighting, in nightclubs and restaurants, offices and domestic lighting. These lamps last 10,000 hours.

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