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FPL Compact Fluorescent Lamps

The FPL Compact Fluorescent Lamp is a rather unusual light source that features a GY10q 4 Pin cluster cap/base type, where all 4 pins are located in a compact space. This lamp is only available in a Specialist Daylight colour temperature that burns at 5000 Kelvin.

It is rated at 9W, 13W, 18W, 27W or 36 Watts and is classed as a low energy light source. Compared to an incandescent lamp the FPL bulb saves 80% in energy usage and lasts 8,000 hours. Please note this is not a retrofit for an incandescent lamp; it can only be fitted in an appropriate GY10q lamp holder.

As a specialist daylight lamp its applications are realistically limited to environments where the recreation of natural daylight and daylight simulation are a necessity or a requirement. The lamp type itself fits perfectly into modular ceiling applications and is ideal for office, school and professional commercial applications.