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Free Standing Patio Heaters

Free standing patio heaters offer an elegant way to heat outdoor areas in both the home and at businesses. They offer not only a unique and prestigious aesthetic, but also a social space for people to gather around to share stories, food or drinks. This range of free standing patio heaters is ideal for heating large areas, and the variety of styles and finishes available offer plenty of choice when it comes to creating the ideal space.

How do I stop my patio heater from blowing over?

As they are large units and weight a decent amount it is extremely unlikely that a free standing patio heater would be blown over or knocked over. If you are worried about that then you should use a flame retardant  weight to secure the feet of your heater, such as sand bags or a securing strap that could be wrapped around a permanent fixture. Please note this is unlikely and should only be used as a precaution in extreme wind.