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G9 LED Daylight Bulbs

G9 LED Daylight Bulbs are a great way to upgrade your chandelier or desk light with a bright natural light that saves money and energy at the same time. These bulbs are also available in dimmable versions to give a bright ambience to your living or working environment. Before buying, its best to check the wattage of your existing bulbs. If you change from halogen to LED, check the equivalent wattage specification. As a guide, 4-5 watts of LED is equivalent to approximately 50 watts in halogen its also worth checking the lumen output as some manufacturers have a higher lumen output per watt than others

What Type Of LED G9 Bulb Is Closest To Sunlight?

If you are looking for a bright daylight solution for your lighting to take a look at the Kelvin lighting scale which states daylight is rated from 6000k to 6500k. All the G9 LED Daylight Bulbs in this range will fall within the bracket specified above to be classed as natural light bulbs. These bulbs are often used to improve mood and combat SAD (Seasonal affected Disorder)

Do G9 Daylight Bulbs Get Hot?

One benefit of changing G9 Bulbs to LED is that they do not get hot like the halogen version, they can become warm to touch but not the really hot temperatures like a halogen lamp

What is the brightest G9 Daylight LED?

G9 Daylight Bulbs are available in wattages ranging from 2-6 watt, with the 6 watt version producing 550 lumens which is approximately equivalent to 50 watts in halogen. These punchy G9 Daylight Bulbs will brighten up your room with a bright natural daylight effect which can also enhance mood and wellbeing.