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G9 LED Warm White Bulbs

G9 LED Warm White bulbs offer an update to your bedroom or living area, creating a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. With multiple brands, wattages and lumen outputs stocked at BLT Direct, we are sure to have the best G9 Warm white bulb for your needs. Our LED G9 bulbs are perfect replacements for previously used, wasteful halogens and can have energy savings of up to 90% due to their lower consumption and efficiency. If your looking to renovate your lighting and add a warm touch to your rooms, why not browse our range of G9 LED Warm white bulbs?

What is the difference between Cool White and Warm White?

The difference between Cool white and Warm white is the different colour temperature they offer. Cool White G9 LED bulbs offer a more clean, clinical light that resembles more of a 'pure' white, whereas warm white has a yellowish hue to it, making it appear more warm or softer. Cool White is often used in modern bathrooms or kitchens, and a warm white bulb is typically used in living rooms and bedrooms, but both can be used universally. Colour temperature are rated in kelvins, with warm white being 2700-3000k and cool white being 4000-4500k. All bulbs are clearly labelled on our website to assist you in finding the correct bulb for you. 


Is Warm White good for eyes?

Warm White is the best colour temperature for your eyes. This is because it is the 'softest' colour and therefor reduces the amount of strain on the eyes due to overexposure, No LED colour temperature is damaging to the eyes if overexposure is avoided, and because they do no heat up as much as halogens or incandescent bulbs, they actually are safer for the eyes. If you find a light to be particularly bright, we recommend buying a dimmable G9 LED bulb, so you can control how bright your bulbs are at any one moment. Dimmable G9 Warm white bulbs are available on our website.