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Garden Light Fittings

Add the finishing touch to your garden with our range of garden light fittings. If you’re looking for lighting to protect your home or to highlight some of the most beautiful areas of your garden, you’ll probably find that our range of outdoor light fittings will be perfect for your needs.

Outdoor lighting can give you a range of benefits and help to completely transform the look and feel of your garden in an instant. From illuminating the path to your front door or helping you to see who’s coming up your drive, they can really help you make the most out of your outdoor spaces.

We offer a range of outdoor lighting options that can be used for both practical and aesthetic use, to light up your garden in the best way possible. Whatever type of fitting you require, from outdoor flush lights to garden spotlights, we have all the different models to help solve your lighting needs.

What are garden light fittings?

Garden light fittings are any type of light that you use outdoors in your garden. From spotlights to path lights and solar lights, there is a range of different lighting options that you can use to improve your outside space.

The way you decorate your garden is just as important as the way you decorate inside your home, which is why we have such a large range of outdoor lights. Indoor lighting is normally meant to light up certain areas and perform a specific purpose in one room, whereas you are a lot less restricted outdoors so you can really express your creativity with some exceptional lighting.

Outdoor lighting can be used to highlight the view from your house to your garden, to light up natural features, or to help you watch your pond from a distance in the evening.  

You can also use a range of ground lights and low-level spotlights to illuminate key features. Most of these types of lights include a spike that can be driven into the ground, either in the grass, a planted box, or your gravel path. 

You’ve also got exterior wall lights that can light up your porch or garage and can be wall-mounted, either to the rear wall of your home or to any other wall in your garden.

What kind of bulbs do outdoor lights use?

Depending on the type of outdoor light fitting you’re using, there is a range of different bulbs you can go with. The most commonly used type of outdoor light bulb is an MR16 lamp which uses an LED bulb.

Are there certain light bulbs for outside?

A lot of people will choose a solar light fitting for their outdoor lights as they are a far more environmentally friendly option, however, LED is the obvious second choice as it’s more reliable in darker conditions and can easily be connected to the mains.

What is the best lighting for a garden?

When it comes to selecting the right light fittings for your garden, you really have a world of choice at your fingertips. It all comes down to what you want to achieve in your garden and your personal style.

At BLT Direct, we stock a range of solar lighting, festoon lights, strip lighting, decking lights, and outdoor wall lights that will all be perfect for your lighting needs.

Are LED light bulbs suitable for outdoor use?

LED lights are suitable if they are IP65 rated for external use, so you shouldn’t have any problems with installing them in your garden light fittings.

You should just be careful that your lights are housed properly, using the correct sealing, to keep them safe and protected during use.

How to choose your garden light fitting?

The best way to choose the perfect light fittings for your garden is always to be clear on how you want your garden to look and think about what the purpose of the light is.

If you want security lighting that’s going to help you check when people are outside or coming up your drive, you’re going to want something very bright that can switch on automatically. 

However, if you want some soft lighting to create a cosy vibe in your garden while you relax with friends or host an outdoor dinner party, you may want some warm outdoor solar lightbulbs that will deliver a peaceful ambience to your garden.

How bright should outdoor light bulbs be?

Outdoor light bulbs are available in range of lumens. Bulbs with a lower brightness are typically better for small spaces, and the bigger your garden is, the higher you should go on the lumens scale.

Please call us for advice on selecting the suitable lumen output for your outdoor space.

What IP rating do I need?

Any light that is advertised as being suitable for outside should be weatherproof to ensure safe use. There is also a range of other ratings that you should consider.

Most outdoor light fittings will be IP44, IP54, IP64 or IP65. It all depends on the different conditions:

  • IP44: Only provides protection against solid objects and multi-directional water splashes
  • IP54: Splash-resistant and partially dust-proof
  • IP64: Splash resistant and dust-proof
  • IP65: Full protection from dust and multi-directional low-pressure water sprays

What colour bulbs are garden light fittings?

When it comes to picking out the colours of your garden light fittings, you have plenty of choices.

From warm ambient hues to fun and bright colours, you can easily get creative with your outdoor space:

  • Warm white: A cosy and relaxing colour that gives off an orange/yellow light that is easy on the eyes and creates a calm atmosphere in your garden.
  • Cool white: Perfect for security lighting as this is a fresh, bright shade that can light up any area.
  • Daylight: This option mimics natural daylight which is perfect for when the evenings get darker earlier in your garden.
  • Coloured LED: Get creative outdoors and try some bright coloured light options. From moody reds to bright greens, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Where to buy outdoor light bulbs?

At BLT Direct we have a comprehensive range of solar garden lightbulbs, gardening lamps, and outdoor light bulb strings that are perfect for any type of outdoor space you want to create.

We offer our customers some of the best prices out there and some of the most high-quality products you’ll find online, so there really is no reason to go anywhere else.

Check out our collection of garden light bulbs and fittings today and find the perfect solution to your lighting needs.