GE Biax-T/E Compact (4 Pin)

A range of excellent GE Biax T triple tube lamps with 4 pins at the base that offers energy efficient high lumen output lasting 20,000 hours.Introducing the excellent GE Biax T range of Compact Fluorescent Lamps in a choice of wattages and colour temperatures. These triple-tube lamps all feature a 4 pin GX24q base that simply plugs into existing sockets. These lamps are electronically interchangeable with Biax D and D/E lamps, energy efficient and long lasting.

GE Biax-T/E Compact (4 Pin) Continued

Their compact size makes them an ideal light source for small fixtures in commercial, retail and hospitality applications. Offering a 20,000 hour lamp life this is a low energy low cost light source.