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GE Constant Colour Precise Halogen Dichroic Light Bulbs

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GE Lighting; the name is synonymous with high quality lighting products, and the GE Constant Colour Precise Halogen MR16 lamp is no exception. This lamp is a direct replacement for a standard halogen MR16 lamp that offers energy saving benefits combined with high performance and consistent luminosity throughout the life of the lamp. Each bulb features an infrared coating to reflect heat back onto the filament rather than away from the lamp, thereby reducing energy usage by 40%.


These low voltage reflector lamps are incredibly popular as a directional and accent lighting solution and ideal for heat sensitive display applications in shops, museums and art galleries. These lamps offer precise beam control, high efficacy, and excellent bright white light. Furthermore beam angles range from very narrow to wide floods. To add to the long list of qualities is the integral clear glass lens that protects the lamp from contamination. Overall, a reliable, high performance MR16 that won’t let you down.