GE Halogen Lamps

Introducing the GE Lighting range of Halogen Light Bulbs; an excellent choice for bright, cost efficient and energy saving lighting. GE Halogen light bulbs offer excellent colour rendering that produces crisp white light and pleasant tone without compromising on quality of light. Halogen lamps are a fantastic choice for colour critical lighting in retail and directional lighting in hospitality and office applications as well as in museums and art galleries.

GE Halogen Lamps Continued

They are often found in domestic downlighting applications in kitchens and bathrooms.

Within each category you will find a wide selection of GE Halogen bulbs, each with detailed specifications to help you choose the correct lamp. We stock the excellent GE precise range that provides up to 43% energy savings over conventional MR16 lamps, alongside Constant Colour and Low Voltage AR111 Reflectors; the latter is a robust and reliable light source with exceptional colour rendering properties.