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GE/Tungsram Light Bulbs

GE (or General Electric) Light Bulbs are among the most famous in the world, having first been commercially sold in 1879. Today, they’re still one of the most popular light bulbs brands, and have a reputation for excellent quality and high performance.

The range here includes compact fluorescents, halogen and fluorescent light bulbs from General Electric. You’ll also find a range of GLS LED bulbs, which are highly efficient and great for those who want to save energy.

With so many different bulbs available, you’re sure to find something to match your needs. You’ll find a range of different colour temperatures (Warm White, White, Cool White, Daylight and Blacklight), as well as a variety of wattages, caps, shapes and voltages. You’ll find bulbs that are ideal for downlighting, bulbs that are best for decorative purposes, and bulbs that are simply made to save energy around the home. Browse the full collection here at BLT Direct.