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GE/Tungsram Metal Halide Light Bulbs

The complete range of GE Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps all of which offer exceptional colour rendering, superior extended lamp life and excellent performance. GE Lighting have designed and manufactured this range of CMH lamps in a wide range of formats; tubular, elliptical, MR16 and PAR Reflectors. Cap/base types are varied and diverse, which together with a choice of lamp types offers flexibility to meet requirements across retail, industrial, decorative and outdoor sectors.

 CMH lamps provide an extremely effective alternative for High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Quartz Metal Halide lamps as well as Tungsten Halogen Lamps.

GE CMH lamps are used in accent and spot lighting, flood and are lighting, always offering a highly controllable light source. High efficacy up to 111 lumens per watt ensures consistent crisp bright light output over the entire life of the lamp; this lamp life extends to 24,000 hours dependant on the product. These lamps emit a Daylight or White Daylight colour temperature perfect for enhancing retail displays or creating bright street lighting.