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Germicidal (T5, T8 & Specialist)

If you are looking for a Germicidal Fluorescent lamp you have landed on the right page. This category details our complete range of Germicidal Fluorescent light sources that come in T5 (15mm diameter), T8 (25mm diameter) and Specialist lamp types. When replacing this lamp it is important to ensure you have the correct lamp/cap type for your existing fitting as the variations can be quite specific.

This variation is most noticeable in the variety of cap types a germicidal fluorescent tube can feature; aside from the standard 2 Pin G13 and G5 caps that feature on T8 and T5 tubes we also supply T5 tubes with a 4 Pin cap that may or may not have leads. In addition we have detailed the Germicidal PLS compact fluorescent lamp that features a G23 base.

The Germicidal lamp is a Ultra-Violet light source used to deactivate bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms thereby inhibiting their growth. These lamps are used in fittings within sealed air and water purification units and in pond filtering units. The specialist germicidal fluorescent is an energy efficient lighting solution that also lasts up to 10,000 hours. Warning; do not look directly at this light source as UVC radiation is harmful to the human eye