What Type of Batten Suits What Space?

A standard batten is the most common type of batten available. This really is a like-for-like replacement for older fluorescent battens.

What Type of Batten Suits What Space?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to LED battens. In fact, there are many different kinds of LED batten that suit different spaces. While battens were once found primarily in commercial offices, hospitals, schools, and warehouses, the introduction of these various types now means that there are many possible applications for battens.

So, how can you be sure you’re getting the right batten for your space? Below, we provide a brief overview of the different types of LED batten that are available today:

● Standard Batten

A standard batten is the most common type of batten available. This really is a like-for-like replacement for older fluorescent battens. Its long length means that it distributes light excellently - and evenly - across large areas, so this type is often found in open plan offices, school halls, hospital wards, and other large spaces where high levels of light are required. Standard battens are available in a range of colour temperatures.

● Emergency Batten

An emergency LED batten comes with an integrated emergency mode which provides lighting in the event of an electrical blackout. Typically, a batten can produce a minimum of three hours of emergency illumination when charged for a full 24 hours. Emergency battens are often found in workplaces either fitted singularly or as part of a lighting scheme to cover fire escape routes where strict standards must be met for the safe and timely evacuation of staff and visitors in the event of an emergency.

● Sensor Batten

A sensor LED batten comes with a built-in sensor (usually a microwave sensor) that can detect motion and automatically trigger illumination. Depending on the make and model of the batten, you may be able to adjust the sensitivity - sometimes right through from 10% to 100% - to ensure lights trigger at the right time. These battens are found in occasional use rooms (eg. meeting rooms) to save money, and as security lighting.

● Slimline Batten

A slimline LED batten will usually have a much smaller width and depth measurement than standard battens, giving them a much more compact and sleek appearance. Because of their smaller size, they are often used in areas where a more chic, sophisticated aesthetic is required. Slimline LED battens are very popular in the new build market.

● CCT Batten

A CCT LED Batten is a recently launched product that allows you to change colour temperature using a traditional light switch. A quick press of your light switch allows you to cycle through the 3 colour temperatures (warm white , cool white or daylight) so you can change the colour tone of your environment on demand.. Another version of this fitting enables you to preselect the colour temperature before fitting; this is especially useful for electricians who can give the customer a choice of colours without then needing to change the fitting.

Bonus: Look Out For Advanced Features

Some of the types of LED batten mentioned above are available with advanced technologies and integrated features that make them perfectly suited to specific applications. For example, some battens are IP65-rated, which makes them suitable for outdoor spaces, these are sometimes found in covered car parks. Others are supplied with suspension wire that makes it possible to suspend the battens from the ceiling.