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Girard Sudron LED Globes

When it comes to style in lighting then there’s no better way than enhancing your work or living space than with Girard Sudron LED Globe Bulbs, these lamps are available in a number of finishes ranging from from clear through to Amber and a smoky finish or add a touch of elegance with a gold lamp with the twisted LED filament.

This unique range includes twisted filament LED Globe Bulbs that are available in all finishes and a crown silver version that splits the finish of the lamp to give a side lighting effect.

Which is the best measurement Wattage or Lumens

It’s not always as straight forward as it seems as some manufacturers differ from others which is why lumens was introduced as a guide that was more accurate as a measure of light output.

If we take for example a Sylvania 4 Watt LED BC globe bulb  it has a lumen output of 470 lumens that is equivalent to approximately 40 watts however a Girard Sudron 4 Watt LED Globe bulb only produces 240 lumens which are approximately equivalent to 25 watts.

So when you are searching for the right brightness bulb for your environment it is always best to check the lumen output for the most accurate comparison. Most of our bulbs on our website have a Technical Specs with Wattage,  Lumens, and Old Technology Wattage which enables you to choose the right lamp