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Gourmet (Butchers Tube)

Our range of replacement Gourmet Fluorescent Tubes for use in existing fixtures and fittings is a very cost end energy efficient lighting solution specifically designed for enhancing the colour of meat and poultry. This lamp is a specialist T8 (25mm diameter) fluorescent tube that emits a specific colour temperature commonly known as ‘gourmet’; brands such as Philips and Osram have their own colour labelling system for this product such as Colour 79 or Colour 76.

We stock replacement Gourmet lamps in wattages ranging from 15 watts to 70 watts and lengths that start at 450mm and increase to 1800mm. Each lamp features a 2 Pin G13 double ended cap.

The Gourmet Fluorescent Tube is primarily used in cold display cabinet lighting fixtures in catering, supermarket and butcher shop applications. Offering excellent colour rendering and lumen maintenance throughout the life of the lamp this fluorescent tube is a dedicated light source for a specific application. Fluorescent tubes are renowned for their energy saving properties and offer an impressive lamp life of 10,000 hours, low lamp replacement costs and a proven performance record.