Ground Lights

Introducing a diverse range of LED Ground Lights from Collingwood Lighting. These Ground Lights are available in a choice of shapes, colours and IP ratings to bring bespoke lighting solutions to a host of applications. All LED Ground Lights are individually IP rated; IP67 is totally protected against dust and against the effects of immersion from 15cm to 1 meter, IP68 is totally protected against dust and against long periods of immersion under pressure.

Ground Lights Continued

Applications for Ground Lights are many and varied; tree/plant/statue illumination, pathways, markers, lobbies, decking, water features, ponds, swimming pools, spa baths, dance floors, stage lighting, driveways, walkways and entrances to name but a few. Collingwood LED Ground Lights are a brand to be reckoned with. They come in a range of colours, including RGB colour changing, beam angles and wattages. Each offer very low power consumption and a life of up to 50000 hours making them extremely cost effective and energy efficient.