Ground Lights IP68 (40mm Dia)

A range of 40mm(Diameter) Ground Lights IP68 Rated. These powerful and stylish LED ground lightsare Luxeon LED powered and are manufactured inmarine grade stainless steel. Available in spot and flood light versions these LED ground lightsare submersible in watermaking them ideal for spa baths, pools, water features and ponds. Other applications for these Ground Lights are dance floors, decking, entrances and pathways to name just a few.

Ground Lights IP68 (40mm Dia) Continued

With 5mm toughened walkover, cool to touch, safety glass and extremely low power consumption these fantastic LED ground lights will last up to 100000 hours and give you many years of maintance free LED Lighting.

Colour temperatures; Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White. 
Wattages; 0.5w and 1 watt. 
Shapes; Round and Square.