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GU10 Energy Saving Bulbs

GU10 Energy Saving Bulbs were a step in the development of the GU10 Light Bulb that came before LED Technology. They are different from their halogen counterparts and were developed to fit special downlighters and fittings that will accept a longer bulb than the standard GU10. The mainstay of general domestic, retail, and commercial lighting for many years is that these energy-saving GU10s offer money savings while reducing carbon footprints significantly. GU10 Energy Saving Bulbs are available in different wattages and two colour temperatures which are cool white and warm white. LED versions of this lamp are now available in the same lengths.

Are GU10 Energy Saving Light Bulbs the Most Energy Efficient?

GU10 energy saving bulbs offer a reduced carbon footprint in comparison to previously used halogen bulbs, so you can feel good while your lighting looks good. With more lumens per watt than halogens, its no surprise why people are swapping to a more eco-friendly approach to lighting their homes and businesses. Although GU10 Energy Saving Light Bulbs are more energy efficient than both halogen and incandescent bulbs, they are still not quite as energy effective as LED bulbs which are also available on our website.