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GU10 LED Coloured Bulbs

Our range of GU10 LED coloured bulbs includes most of the regular colours available in different wattages that can add a difference and individuality. Colour has an immediate effect on mood and selecting the correct colour lighting can dramatically change your living space so why not choose from the Red, Green, Blue, Amber and other options available below to give a unique look and feel in home or office.

Can You Replace GU10 Bulbs With Coloured LED GU10s?

Yes you can simply swap halogen, cfl or standard coloured GU10 bulbs for one of our GU10 coloured led versions. All the GU10 LED coloured bulbs above have been designed to be a direct retrofit replacement for a standard size bulb. The only time this could become an issue is if your existing lamp is one of the "long barrel" or "35mm diameter" GU10s. Please always double check the dimensions on the product spec online before order to make sure.

What Colours Do GU10 LED Coloured Bulbs Come In?

Our coloured LED GU10 bulbs come in various colours including the standard red, green, blue and also special colours like magenta, orange and pink. If you cant decide on the best GU10 coloured bulbs to go with then why not give our remote controlled version a try which will allow you to have the choice of colours from the push of a button.

Can I Put Coloured LED GU10 Bulbs In Halogen Fittings?

Yes you can swap your halogen bulbs for our range of coloured LED GU10 bulbs. All the coloured gu10 bulbs above have been manufactured to the same size as a standard halogen light bulbs. If you are still unsure then please give our friendly sales team a call to discuss further.

Can Dimmable GU10 Coloured Bulbs Be Used In A Non-Dimmbable Fitting?

Yes you can use our dimmable coloured led gu10s in a non-dimmable feature however you will not be able to control the level of light. When installing in a non-dimmable fitting the light bulb will illuminate to full brightness every time. If you do not want to switch existing light switches but still want to dim the light bulbs then our remote controlled coloured led gu10 is the perfect option.