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GU10 LED Cool White Bulbs

GU10 LED Cool White Bulbs are perfect for use when a more modern fresh look is required and are especially well suited to kitchens and bathrooms as they give off more of a clean white light feel to your environment.

What are GU10 LED Cool White Bulbs?

GU10 LED Cool White Bulbs are a direct retrofit replacement for halogen gu10 light bulbs. What sets cool white apart from the standard light bulb is the unique colour tone they produce. Cool white light is inbetween warm and daylight and produces a crisp white light that is ideal for use in kitchen and bathrooms. Cool white light is rated on the kelvin lighting scale from 4000-4500k.


Are GU10 LED Cool White Bulbs The Same As Daylight?

No GU10 LED Cool White Bulbs are different from daylight bulbs as they are rated at 4000-4500 kelvin on the lighting scale, daylight bulbs are rated at 6000-6500k. The real life difference between these two colours is that a daylight bulb has a blue tint to the light it produces whereas as cool white lamps produces a crisp white light.


What Is The Difference Between Cool White And Natural White?

Instead of cool white some manufactures have been known to call it natural white. In real life the lamps would produce the same coloured light. The best way to get an exact match on colour is always to look at the kelvin rating of your existing bulb and match it. GU10 LED Cool White Bulbs have been known to be manufactured in 4000k, 4200k and 4500k