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GU10 LED Daylight Bulbs

If its a lights thats as near to Daylight you are looking for then GU10 LED Daylight Bulbs are perfect for bringing as close to normal sunlight to your environment.These lamps are a direct retro fit for Halogen GU10s and produce light output of 6000-6500 kelvin on the lighting scale. Giving off a slightly blue light they can help with productivity, general well being and give a fresh feel to your room or office.

Are GU10 Daylight LED Bulbs Bad For You?

GU10 LED Daylight Bulbs do not emit polluting radiation like other energy-efficient types of lighting and therefore does not pose a health hazard. These GU10 LED Daylight Bulbs aim to replicate natural daylight and have been known to provide improvements to people who suffer from SAD syndrome.

What Type Of Bulb Is Closest To Natural Light?

When it comes to replicating natural light we need to take a look at the Kelvin lighting scale which states daylight is rated from 6000k to 6500k. All the GU10 Daylight Bulbs in this category will fall within the bracket specified above to be classed as natural light bulbs. One further point to keep in mind when looking for daylight light bulbs is that some manufacturers also refer to them as natural white.

Can GU10 Daylight LED Bulbs Directly Replace Halogen Bulbs?

Yes all our daylight bulbs have been designed to be a direct retrofit to the older style halogen gu10 light bulbs. You can safely swap to GU10 Daylight LED as old lamps fail as they all run on mains voltage and can be mixed. Take a look at our short video below for four additional reasons to switch from halogen to LEDs: