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The GU10 Light Bulb is synonymous with Halogen Lighting; the most widely used and popular halogen lamp that is incredibly adaptable and found in applications from kitchens to conference rooms! Halogen GU10s are a high intensity light source emitting a bright sparkling natural light far superior to that of an incandescent bulb. GU10 describes the 2 pin fitting of the halogen light bulb it originated from and now describes any light bulb with a GU10 cap/base.

The Halogen GU10 is a very affordable lighting solution that is easily available and simple to install with its ‘twist and lock’ cap. This lamp comes in a choice of wattages and colour temperatures that includes Amber, Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Red and of course Warm White. In addition this lamp is also dimmable which adds to its versatility. We stock GU10 lamps in a choice of diameters, beam angles and voltages as well as the 5,000 hour ‘long life’ GU10. Overall this is a high performance lamp suitable for general illumination, accent and display lighting, spot lighting, decorative and atmospheric lighting in a host of environments. In restaurants, hotels, shops, offices, corridors and bathrooms you are sure to find this halogen bulb.