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GU10 Smart Bulbs

GU10 Smart Bulbs from various manufacturers, including 4Wiz, Calex, Ener-J, V Tac, All LED and more, are a direct retrofit replacement for halogen light bulbs or existing LED GU10s with the added benefit of control via a smartphone. In recent years, smart and app technology development has led to the ability to control lighting, including dimming, colour, and timing via wifi and smart device. Pairing a smart bulb is either directly with an App or with voice assistants such as Apple's Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa. This technology has taken home lighting to a new level

Can you replace all GU10 Bulbs with GU10 LED Smart Bulbs?

The majority of GU10s have been manufactured to a standard physical size. This means that in 99% of cases it will be a simple switch to move from either standard halogen/led bulbs to the latest smart technology. The only time an issue may arise is when you are replacing a "long barrel" style CFL GU10. If this is the case or you are not sure then its best to give our sales team a call.

Do I Required A Hub To Use These GU10 Smart Bulbs?

No. All the gu10 smart spotlights listed on this page have been designed to run independently via a WiFi to app control. This means no central hub is required and also you have no limit to the number of GU10s you can install as long as your router and WiFi connection is up to the job. 

Can I Control GU10 Smart Bulbs Via Alexa/Google Home?

Although the majority of the GU10 Smart LED products listed on this page can be controlled via Alexa/Google home it is best to check the description on each product to ensure this is the case. Some of the smart bulbs on this page work via a bluetooth connection which means they are unable to communicate with smart home devices.

What Is The Difference Between CCT and RGBW Colours?

CCT - This stands for correlated color temperature which allows the user to select from various different colour temperatures ranging from warm white - daylight on the colour spectrum. GU10 Smart Bulbs with this colour will not produce any other colours other than white tones.

RGBW - Smart GU10s with this colour type will allow you to select white tones like a CCT lamp and also Red, Greens & Blues. For example you will be able to set the lamp to a colour for a party then change the room back to standard warm white once the party has finished.

If you are unsure what type of smart bulb you require then our friendly sales team are on hand to help you.