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GU10 Smart Bulbs

BLT Direct offers a diverse range of smart GU10 bulbs sourced from a plethora of trusted manufacturers. Suitable for almost any application, the GU10 bulb is one of the most widely used bulbs in homes today and can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and lounge areas. If replaced by a smart GU10 bulb, you have the option of near-complete control over all lighting in your home, based on an app or home control system.

Do you need special fittings for smart GU10 bulbs?

Another benefit of GU10 smart bulbs is that they do not require a special fitting to use, allowing you to replace existing bulbs with a smart option that is compatible with Amazon Alexa Or Google Home. This means that instead of purchasing multiple light fittings for each smart GU10, you can maintain previously used light fixtures while you update your lighting.