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Halcion Halogen Space Heater Lamps (Clear)

Infra-Red Halogen Lamps are a safe, high temperature heat source that is highly effective, energy efficient and dependable. 90% of the energy that is consumed by infrared halogen lamps is turned into heat which in the case of space heating applications is incredibly important. This selection of Halcion Halogen Space Heater come with specific power and size options that can be matched to your heating requirements.

Each lamp offered in this category features a SK15 or SK15s Double Ended base and a Clear finish. This lamp runs off mains voltage and is rated at 300w, 500w, 750w, 100w, 1500w or 2000 watts. The higher wattages lamps are suitable for heating larger areas.

Space Heater Infra-Red lamps are most commonly found in domestic, community and farm heating applications. For example, this lamp is as suitable for keeping livestock warm as it is heating difficult-to-heat open spaces like church and community halls, workshops and warehouses. The advantage of the halogen space heater is that it does not heat the air but the people, building or livestock that require warming. Further benefits include reliability and robustness together with an impressive lamp life of up to 7,500 hours.