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Halogen Halcion Space Heater Lamps (Ruby Jacket)

For heat that can be focused and directed where it is needed, that transmits virtually all infra-red while blocking most visible light, the Ruby Jacketed Halogen Space Heater Lamp is a great choice. A Ruby Jacket lamp features a secondary outer glass envelope made from red quartz, distinguishing it from other infrared lamps. This lamp is ideal for space heating large rooms, such as church halls, outdoor heating of communal areas, livestock rearing applications and as an alternative to patio heaters.

Available in 500-2000 Watt versions, each lamp operates at 100V or 240 Volts. Featuring a double ended SK15 cap this space heater lamp comes in lengths ranging from 190-349mm.

The radiant heat emitted by infrared halogen lamps offers a number of advantages over other heating methods. For example, instant on/off heat, on/off switching that does not affect the lamp life and dimming capability meaning output can be adapted to requirements. Infrared heat is a clean energy technology emitting no harmful emissions or pollution; it is also a compact heat source. In addition, the halogen space heater lamp lasts an impressive 7500 hours, which combined with its other advantages creates a cost effective reliable heat source at an affordable price.