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Halogen Hi Spot Par Lamps

Upgrading from incandescent light to beautiful halogen illumination could not be simpler or quicker! The Halogen Hi Spot Par light bulb offers many advantages over the incandescent light source and is a direct retrofit replacement, as it runs off mains voltage and features an ES or SES base. Furthermore it will save 20% on energy usage and last twice as long compared to the incandescent Par lamp.

The benefits of this halogen light source include perfect colour rendering (Ra100), instant 100% light, no warm-up time and brilliant high clarity light. In addition the Hi Spot Par lamp contains no mercury, aiding the environment and lamp disposal.

The Hi Spot Par lamp is very versatile as a light source, found in a diverse range of applications. This lamp is also fully dimmable adding to its versatility. Rated between 40W and 120 Watts with a 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 95mm or 120mm diameter there is sure to be a lamp suitable for your needs. From accent lighting to object lighting in retail displays and museums to table lighting in restaurants and hotels the list of applications is quite varied. This is a high quality reliable light source at a very affordable price.