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Harvard Combined HF and Emergency Ballasts

Detailed below is the Harvard range of Combined High Frequency and Emergency Lighting Ballasts for use with single and twin TC-D/T, GE-2D, and T5c and Philips PL-Q fluorescent lamps rated between 16 Watts and 38 watts. Providing simple and efficient conversion from mains to an emergency luminaires these compact and lightweight units feature a state of the art inverter and incorporated full specification HF ballast. These are non-dimmable British designed and manufactured ballasts offering easy 2 point fixing.

Product benefits include intelligent battery charge, 3 hour emergency operation, pre heat starting in mains and emergency, and constant light output in the event of mains voltage fluctuations. Cathode heating enhances lamp life and self-testing features are included. This is very reliable and robust control gear from a company with a proven record of manufacturing quality lighting controls.