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How On Trend Is Your Kitchen Lighting?

The kitchen is where a lot of home life takes place; for most of us, it’s not only where we cook, but where we eat. It’s essential that kitchen lighting enhances the look of food, gives the room a warm glow and makes it an attractive place to be.

The newest kitchen trends are all about warmth, light and life. Change up your lighting easily with these tips.

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Go For A Natural Pendant
Bringing the light in closer makes the room feel more intimate, which is why a pendant light which hangs from the ceiling is one of the hottest trends of 2017. As food fashion turns to ‘clean eating’ and raw food is one of the biggest hits on social media right now, it’s only right that it’s reflected in kitchen style. Shades the colour of nature, or made from wicker, are very in.

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Highlight Your Best Features
Using spotlights to show off your kitchen works really well if you have great natural light in the room already; it means that no part of the room is left in darkness, and if you ever want to adjust a setting you can just twist the light gently to shine it on something else. Why not shine it in the direction of the kitchen table, surrounding the area with a warm, happy glow?

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Fuse The Retro And Modern
The vintage trend shows absolutely no sign of slowing down, and no room in the home has been left untouched by its charm. Kitchens are no exception. Getting big statement bulbs that look old-fashioned with exposed filaments means that no other decoration is really needed in the kitchen, as your lighting does all the work for you.

Wrapping the leads around copper piping matches another contemporary trend, which is the industrial look.

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Keeping It Together
Create a cluster of lights to create drama and intrigue onto one focal point in your kitchen. It could be that you need a lot of light to chop vegetables or your kitchen table is in an otherwise dim corner of the room, but dropping lengths and adding LED bulbs inside makes this lighting strong, statement and long-lasting.

If you want to make it more of an art piece, why not try including coloured bulbs? The lights will create interesting effects throughout the room and be a great hit at parties!

Created by Steve Ellwood on 7th November, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct