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How to Choose LED Batten Lights For Your Installation

LED battens are a single, complete unit with everything you need to illuminate your space contained inside the housing. This makes installation itself very easy. The challenging part is choosing the right LED batten lights for your installation. That’s because there are many different options.

There are some technical specifics that are important to take into account, such as an IP65 rating if planning to install outdoors, for example. But here are a few of the more basic considerations that you’ll need to make when choosing a new LED batten:

● Size

Although you can find LED battens in many different sizes, there are five lengths that are considered to be standard. Short 1ft LED battens are typically used for under cabinet applications in kitchens, or in wardrobes where there is minimal space available. Larger 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft battens are more diverse and can be used in many different areas.

You’ll need to ensure that you select a length that not only fits your space, but which will also provide adequate light distribution across the area you want illuminated -

A 2ft led batten is equivalent to a twin 18 watt fluorescent
A 4ft led batten is equivalent to a twin 36 watt fluorescent
A 5ft led batten is equivalent to a twin 58 watt fluorescent
A 6ft led batten is equivalent to a twin 70 watt fluorescent

● Light Output

LED battens are available in many different Wattages right through from 4W all the way to 70W. However, if you’re replacing your old fluorescents, remember that LED technology produces higher levels of light at lower Wattages, so it may be better to consider Lumens instead which can give you a better idea of overall light output.

An 8-12W fluorescent has a 400-500 Lumen output, equivalent to a 6-7W LED
A 13-18W fluorescent has a 650-850 Lumen output, equivalent to a 7-10W LED
An 18-22W fluorescent has a 1000-1400 Lumen output, equivalent to a 12-13W LED
A 23-30W fluorescent has a 1450-1700+ Lumen output, equivalent to a 14-20W LED
A 30-55W fluorescent has a 2700+ Lumen output, equivalent to a 30-55W LED

● Colour

Similar to old fluorescent tubes LED battens come in a range of colour temperatures which help them best suit the look and feel of the space where they will be installed. Options are:

Warm white (2700K - 3000K). Warm white LED battens give off a warming, yellow-ish glow. They are often used in domestic hallways or in breakout rooms in office buildings.

Cool white (4000K - 4500K). Cool white LED battens give off a brighter light with an almost blue-ish hue. They are excellent security lights and emergency lighting options.

Daylight (6000K - 6500K). Daylight LED battens give off the most natural light possible. They are often used in kitchens and garages where visual clarity is essential for safety.

CCT: Cycle between three colour temperatures to swap between warm white, cool white and daylight.

Choosing the Right LED Battens

Although there are a few factors to think about, taking the time to choose the right LED batten lights for your installation can help to ensure that your lights perfectly match your space. At BLT Direct, we stock an extensive selection of LED battens from some of the UK’s biggest lighting brands, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need.

Created by Gary Baker on 24th February, 2021


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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