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How To Make The Most of a Small Bathroom

Often known as the smallest room in the house, making the most of a small bathroom is something that many homeowners aim for.

Here are some expert tips on how you can transform your small bathroom into an area that feels spacious and light with our clever lighting hacks.

1. Ditch the light fitting
Light fittings that hang from the ceiling can make small spaces feel more enclosed, so instead, why not opt for LED ceiling lights that sit flush to the ceiling and don't encroach on any available space?
Not only will they provide you with powerful levels of illumination to brighten the space, but you can also choose from a range of coloured finishes to make your integrated ceiling lights a real feature for your bathroom.

2. Focal points
Bathroom lights aren't just restricted to the ceiling; there are plenty of ways that you can draw attention to key features in your bathroom using lighting regardless of your bathroom size.
Using LED strip lighting, why not use the underside of bathroom shelves of cabinets to provide a source of light with soft luminescence and to draw the eye? If you’ve got a feature bath that sits above the floor, use LED strip lighting underneath to illuminate this feature piece and provide even more light to a compact space.

3. Light bricks
Glass bricks are an excellent way of letting natural light into a space while also giving a degree of privacy. However, once the sun sets, these bricks do very little to promote light in a small bathroom. Using LED lights or LED light strips around the edge, you can illuminate these glass bricks in the evening to great a welcoming glow and brighten any dark corners of your bathroom without the need to switch on any main lights.


Created by Daniel Shakles on 3rd May, 2019


Daniel Shakles

Daniel Shakles