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How to Pick the Right Colour GU10 for the Right Room

If you’re thinking of switching your existing spotlights to longer lasting, energy efficient GU10 LED bulbs, colour is one of the most important things to think about. The colour of the GU10 light bulb (P) can make a huge difference to both the look and feel of a room.

Contrary to popular belief, there really is no right or wrong! The right colour GU10 for the room will mostly depend on personal preference. However, some bulb colours are most commonly found in certain rooms of the house because of the benefits they can bring to that particular room. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose what’s right for you:

Colour: Warm White

Temperature: 2700K - 3000K

Look & Feel: Warm white LED GU10 bulbs have an almost yellowish glow to them. They replicate the orange hue of the older GU10 halogen bulbs well, and can help to create a warm, welcoming, and relaxing atmosphere, almost like mood lighting.

Ideal Rooms: Warm white GU10s are very popular in living rooms and dining rooms, along with any other room where you tend to relax and unwind after a busy day.

Colour: Cool White

Temperature: 4000K - 5000K

Look & Feel: Cool white LED GU10 bulbs have a slight blue-ish tint to them. They are the complete opposite of the warm white colour, and appear very bright and clear. They are often preferred for ‘working’ rooms where it’s important to see clearly at all times.

Ideal Rooms: Cool white GU10s are commonly found in kitchens, hallways, and sewing/craft rooms where you may need to focus on small details or complete tasks.

Colour: Daylight

Temperature: 6000K - 6500K

Look & Feel: Daylight GU10 bulbs are the closest possible colour to natural daylight. They replicate the lighting effects of the sun to create an atmosphere that is both welcoming and clear, but without the coolness or warmness of lower temperatures.

Ideal Rooms: Daylight GU10s are found in bathrooms, dressing rooms, and walk-in wardrobes; the natural hue can reflect how clothing and makeup will appear outside.

Colour: Coloured

Look & Feel: Some brands make LED GU10s in colours other than white. There are many different coloured GU10s available today, including blues, reds, pinks, yellows, greens, purples, and more. These coloured bulbs can create almost any desired atmosphere.

Ideal Rooms: Coloured GU10s can be used in any room or any location where you want permanent mood lighting. To give a coloured uplight effect on a wall or fitted in a spotlight to highlight a piece of art for example.

Colour: Multicolour

Look & Feel: Some brands also make multicoloured RGB colour changing LED GU10s that can be changed - usually from warm white to cool white to a multitude of different colours - as needed. These are often smart-enabled LED GU10s that can be controlled via the internet.

Ideal Rooms: Anywhere! Because of the flexibility of RGB GU10s, they can be used in any room. You may want a bright bedroom in the mornings for getting ready for the day, changing to a relaxing purple glow of an evening as you’re falling asleep.

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Created by Gary Baker on 18th February, 2021


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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