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How To Update Your Garden Lighting To Show Off Your New Plant Projects

As the summer months roll around, most of us are looking forward to spending more time outside making the most of our gardens.

The warmer weather means the opportunity to enjoy barbeques and also invest some time in giving our gardens the TLC that they deserve.

Avid gardeners are likely to have already thought about how they will be updating their plant displays for the summer, but have you yet considered how you can use lighting to really highlight your work?

Read on to find out about the best ways to add light to a garden to enhance the natural beauty of plants and flowers.

Use Post Lights To Draw The Eye To Your Plants

If you’ve been getting busy in the garden and want to add some lighting that will really show off what you’ve done, why not choose some post lights? You can spread them out along pathways for an eye-catching look that is great when the sun is setting.

Photo by Anna Kolosyuk / Unsplash

Add Fairy Lights To Trees

Keen to create a whimsical feel in your garden? Fairy lights may be just what you need, and a little can really go a long way. You could either wrap them around a number of smaller plants or just focus on one tree, depending on what your preference is. If you want to create something even more eye-catching, why not choose multi-coloured lights? You could even pick something that matches your plant displays.

Photo by Natalia Y / Unsplash

Place Lanterns On Decking Or Patios

If you use your garden frequently for entertaining, it’s likely that you have either a decking area or a patio. While flowers, tables and chairs and other furniture pieces can make these areas more habitable, there’s nothing like lighting for really warming things up. Instead of going the traditional route and hanging your lanterns, place them on the floor near plants to showcase this year’s blooms.

Don’t Forget Candles

While artificial lighting is a great, permanent solution, candles are perfect for creating a pretty effect if you know that you are having people around. Place tea lights along pathways and encourage your guests to explore your outside space.

Created by Gary Baker on 17th May, 2018


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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