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Infrared Catering Lamps

A comprehensive range of Infrared Catering Lamps designed for many food preparation and food warming applications. All Infrared lamps listed here are Halogen heat sources offering a 5000 hour lamp life. Infrared halogen lamps operate with a high colour temperature and compared to an incandescent light source are highly efficient saving 30% in energy usage. The beauty of the infrared light source is the short response time, precise controllability and affordability.

We have categorized these Infrared Lamps in to specific types. Within each section you will find a list of products with detailed specifications to help you choose the correct lamp. As a basic guide Bare Lamps are non-jacketed special low pressure lamps that must be installed behind glass whilst Jacketed Lamps have a tough quartz glass envelope designed to provide high resilience to impact breaks, splashed food liquids and increased protection against food ingress. Infrared Lamps have been used successfully for many years to warm food and keep it fresh and hot in restaurants, hotels, canteens, supermarkets, butchers and other catering establishments.