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Infrared Heating Lamps

Infrared heating lamps can be used for several applications, from animal husbandry to catering, zone heating to medical applications. Many of the industries where infrared lamps are used are high-stakes environments – especially within the medical or catering industries, where the wrong kind of lamp could result in someone falling ill.

That’s why here at BLT Direct, we stock a vast range of infrared lamps to ensure our customers have access to the solution that best fits their needs. Our lamps are categorised into three sections – catering, zone, and reflector lamps – and each category is loaded with high-quality lamps that offer excellent heat efficiency.

Our collection of infrared bulbs comes in several different wattages, voltages, lengths, and diameters to ensure the fit is just perfect. Infrared light bulbs are provided in precise lengths, so it’s essential that we stock a range varied enough to cater to those with more unusual requirements.

Are infrared heat lamps good for you?

Infra-red technology produces light that can penetrate the skin deeper than other types of light. Although this sounds frightening, it actually is one of the reasons that infra-red has positive benefits as opposed to damaging effects. Infra-red bulbs help regenerate and repair cells by promoting the circulation of oxygen-rich blood, reducing pain. 

What are infrared heat lamps used for?

Infra-red lamps can be used in a variety of different applications that require heat. This could be the inside of a business, for industrial use or commercial applications. It is important to check the size of the space that you are looking to heat/illuminate as this will impact your lamp style and requirements.