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Infrared Lights The Way To Good Health

Ancient eastern civilizations have long known of the benefits of heat in their traditional therapies. Now, through infrared bulb technology, western therapies are being adapted to use heat to heal in a variety of ways says leading infrared bulb supplier BLT Direct.

All lights have a particular wavelength and frequency. Some of these wavelengths are visible to the human eye; this is what we call the visible light spectrum which includes all the colours of the rainbow. Red light is just at the end of this spectrum and infrared light has a wavelength which is just beyond it, making it invisible. Instead of seeing infrared, we feel it as heat. Humans and other animals can both absorb infrared and emit it which is why people can be seen clearly at night through infrared binoculars!

Infrared lights, which are commonly used in commerce, on farms and in greenhouses, have only been used for around 80 years in western medicine. They are now being employed in more imaginative ways than ever before by both medical and holistic therapists to bring pain relief and healing power to patients.

Infrared heat lamps and infrared saunas provide localised or whole body treatments for relief of muscle pain, joint stiffness and to boost circulation which increases nutrient supply to the skin and removes toxins. They have been widely used in medical units for some time where infrared lights are judged to be so safe that they are used to keep newborn babies warm in hospital. However, these infrared lamps and saunas are now so low cost that people are buying them for their homes, for relaxation and relief of chronic symptoms.

Other particular favourites for householders include infrared patio lights for use on outdoor spaces. These give off heat, and can be pleasant to sit beside, having the same relaxing properties as the more specialised heat lamps used indoors by holistic therapists. Infrared patio lights allow people to stay outside enjoying the fresh air for longer on chilly evenings.
An additional bonus is that infrared lights are very energy efficient, converting nearly all the electricity they use into heat. This heat is more readily absorbed by the human body than by the air, so infrared devices do not have to rely on heating the air first, before heating the person. This saves large amounts of energy when compared to other types of heaters.
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Created by Steve Ellwood on 21st June, 2007


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Steve Ellwood

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