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Infrared Reflector Lamps

Infra-Red Halogen Reflector Lamps are economical, highly efficient products that provide both heat and light via a short-wave beam of infrared energy. The beauty of this type of infrared source is its suitability for any standard Bayonet Cap or Edison Screw lamp holder, thereby creating applications that were not previously viable. Each infrared reflector or Par lamp features instant heat after switch-on and boasts up to an impressive 5000 hour lamp life.

Infrared lamps are a dependable, clean and safe heat source that is energy efficient; 90% of the energy consumed by infrared halogen lamps is turned into heat.

Within this section you will see Clear, Red and Infra-Red coloured lamps and blown and pressed hard glass bulbs in wattages ranging from 100w to 375 watt. Each individual lamp is suitable for one or more specific applications, but generally blown hard glass bulbs are better suited to low cost uses, whilst the pressed glass lamp resists thermal shock and is therefore more robust. The infrared reflector lamp is a versatile bulb suitable for medical applications, washroom and food preparation areas, and various industrial uses (softening, melting, pasteurizing etc.) as well as animal husbandry.