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Electric Fly Killer / Glue Board Units

Introducing a wide and varied collection of Fly Killers, each of which is designed to be a reliable and functional light fitting. Browse our White and Stainless Insect-o-cutors developed for environments such as warehouses and kitchens. Explore our 'bug zapper' section which has been manufactured for use in a small warehouse/retail kitchen. Each Insect-o-cutor features a simple ʺcatch trayʺ which can easily be removed by the user for cleaning.

Browse products which have been produced to cover 150-500 square meters which makes the units ideal for abattoirs, breweries and bottling and packing plants, and which are suitable for wall mounting or ceiling suspension. Glue Boards are the perfect choice for large lobbies, bars and dining areas and will give you a silent operation whilst pests that are caught are hidden from view.