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Inspirational Ideas for LED Profile

LED Profiles can be used to create stunning, awe-inspiring effects that can transform any space into an extraordinary experience. It can be plastered into walls rebated into wooden surfaces hung from the ceiling, fitted into wardrobes, or simply surface mounted into any location.

Below are some ideas and solutions to choose from.

Surface Mounted LED Profile
The surface-mounted LED Profile is perfect for installation on pre-existing surfaces without causing much disturbance or harm to the surface. It can be installed on beams, in corners above baseboards, or underneath kitchen cabinets. It comes in White, Black, and Silver finishes and can be equipped with a transparent, frosted, or Black snap-on cover.

Plaster In LED Profile
The installation of LED Profile in plaster must occur during the construction phase of a building or during a renovation project before the room is plastered.

By being installed in the corners, ceilings, and walls, Plaster in LED Profile can produce enchanting lighting effects in any room.

When equipped with a flat cover, it can generate a smooth and continuous illumination once turned on.

Corner LED Profile
Using a corner profile is an excellent idea for concealing LED strip lights beneath kitchen wall units. This allows for a snug fit against the wall, aligning with the bottom of the kitchen unit.

Furthermore, this profile can be installed within recesses of shelving units to provide a captivating backlight for shelves. Additionally, it can be placed around the top corner of a room to introduce a distinctive and unparalleled lighting effect.

Recessed LED Profile
The Recessed LED Profile has the capability to be inserted into any current level surface or ground to generate distinctive lighting concepts. It is perfect for creating linear lighting designs.

Various covers are available in clear, opal, or black to achieve the desired outcome.

Profile for Glass shelves
An alternative approach to utilizing profile is through the implementation of a press-and-fit mechanism that conveniently wraps around the perimeter of glass shelves, resulting in an impressive illumination outcome within various bar or hotel lounge settings. This method produces a uniform lighting effect around the perimeter of the shelves, creating a captivating look and setting the mood for the environment. Additionally, the press-and-fit installation makes it easy to install and remove the lighting fixtures without the need for any complicated tools or extra labour.

Round LED Profile
Round LED profiles are a great way to add a modern touch to your wardrobe. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Plus, they provide the perfect amount of light for you to find your clothes quickly.

Created by Gary Baker on 9th August, 2023


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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