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Intensity Measurement Tool Paves Way For More Commercial LEDs

The Missouri University of Science and Technology have recently developed a new piece of equipment which can quickly and easily measure the intensity of LED lights bulbs. The laser-guided instrument enables the intensity to be measured from a distance, which will be revolutionary for the introduction of LED bulbs into public places. In the UK, many councils have started to fit the light-emitting diodes into street lights, with Bath and North East Somerset Council pioneering the scheme in 2011, and the brightness of LEDs has already seen them implemented into traffic light and pelican crossing systems. This new technology will encourage councils and authorities to fit the energy-saving bulbs across many cities and motorways, as it will be easier for maintenance workers to detect when a bulb needs replacing.

LED light bulbs are one of the most popular energy-saving lighting methods around today. They consume a vastly smaller amount of electricity to produce a higher level of light than the traditional halogen bulbs that the public have become most accustomed to. They are available in an extensive range of colour temperatures, wattages, shapes and sizes, and it is widely said that there is an LED bulb for almost any purpose, be it commercial or domestic.

Unlike traditional halogen bulbs, which give no indication that they are about to stop working, LED bulbs slowly dim over the course of their (considerably longer) life span. This means that the process of replacing roadside, streetside, traffic light bulbs or any other form or commercial lighting will be much easier and cheaper than simply sending out a maintenance truck to replace a single bulb. Technicians will no longer have to use a cherry picker truck to carry out the sometimes dangerous checks, diversions will no longer need to be set up to avoid motorists from injuring a maintenance worker, and councils will be able to develop a scheduled replacement system based on data taken from the new intensity measuring equipment.

Dr Suzanna Long, of Missouri University of Science and Technology, said: “In many of the nations traffic lights, light-emitting diodes or LEDs with their brighter light and longer life have replaced standard bulbs. But knowing when to replace the signal heads has remained a guessing game, Dr. Long added. She hopes that the new system will be wheeled out across Missouri first, before governments and authorities across the world begin to examine the advantages of the equipment.
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Created by Steve Ellwood on 1st October, 2012


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