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Interior Design Trends: Industrial With Fluorescent Light Bulbs

We’ve talked before about how fluorescent lights can be used to create a modern look in homes and public spaces. But, with the industrial interior design trend growing in popularity, we thought we’d take a closer look at how fluorescent lights can be used to make any room on trend.

What is the industrial trend?

The industrial interior trend takes raw elements and transforms them into incredible spaces. Think converted warehouses with exposed pipes and bricks, and the use of concrete and other materials that would usually be hidden in homes. You don’t have to live in a converted space to nail the look though, so don’t be put off if your home doesn’t fit that bill. Lots of shops now sell industrial homeware pieces, fixtures, and fittings, but you can also enhance the style with the use of fluorescent lights.

Here are a few industrial ideas for you to try, using fluorescent lights.

Figure 1 Source

A key feature of the industrial interior design trend is raw materials. This unique hanging light, uses reclaimed wood and one fluorescent light to create a striking visual effect. This chic but rustic centre piece would fit best in an industrial style kitchen.

The industrial design trend is all about hard, geometric shapes. Why not create a statement light in your home? This edgy, industrial design is not only a unique light, but it also doubles as a piece of art. Fluorescent lights make a bright, clean glow which could bring a fresh touch to your industrial space.

Figure 2 Source

Concrete might seem like an usual choice for the home, but in the right space it can be a gorgeous addition. This simple lamp would be right at home in a room using the industrial design trend. The fluorescent light tube brightens up the grey block of concrete, for a simple yet striking effect.

The key to getting industrial style lighting right is to be brave! You can’t be scared to make some bold interior design choices. But there is also the need for balance. Industrial interiors are about harsh shapes and raw materials, and fluorescent lights are known for their stark, bright white light. So homeowners should ideally balance their space out with a nice rug or some softer pieces of art.

If you’re feeling inspired, you can browse our full range of fluorescent lights here.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 9th February, 2017


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct