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Is it Time to Switch From Halogen GU10 Lamps to LED GU10 Lamps?

LED GU10 bulbs for spotlights, downlighters, and recessed fittings are now widely available. But is it time to make the switch from older halogens or CFLs? That’s something that only you can decide, but the answer may be ‘yes’ if…

You want more for your money

Although LED GU10 lightbulbs may have a higher upfront price than LED CFLs, they provide much more in the long term, and could help to save you money. Not only do LEDs use less power (reducing your energy bills) and give off less heat (preventing costly repairs to heat-damaged fittings), they also last around 20x longer than the average halogen.

You want to reduce operating costs & go greener

LED GU10s are 90% more energy efficient than halogens because they can produce the same level of light at a much lower Wattage. This means that you’ll potentially notice a drop in your energy bills, saving you money, and it also means you’re doing your part to protect the environment and make your home much more eco-friendly.

You want to minimise risk

Although it’s a myth that LED GU10 bulbs (P) remain cool to the touch, they do not reach the same high temperatures as incandescent bulbs or halogens. That’s because they convert 95% of the energy they use into light, with just 5% wasted as heat. The low temperatures of LED GU10s can help to minimise the risk of fire and keep you safe.

You want more flexibility

Old incandescents and halogens typically produced a warm white colour with a yellow-orange glow. However, LED GU10s are available in many temperatures, ranging from the classic warm white to a bluer cool white, and a more natural daylight. As well as a whole host of other colours. Coloured GU10 bulbs give you control over the atmosphere of a room.

You want to future-proof your lighting

Some incandescents and halogens are now banned for sale in the UK, with the most recent initiative being rolled out in 2018. CFLs, while not prohibited, are being rapidly phased out. In 2015, IKEA made the decision to stop selling CFLs entirely. Switching now, before more types of bulb are banned, gives you time to change bulbs at your pace.

If you have multiple spotlights around your home, it can seem like a big job - and perhaps an overwhelming job - to switch all your old halogens and CFLs out to LEDs. But the truth is that there are multiple benefits to doing so, and the good news is that swapping from one type of GU10 to another really is a very simple, straightforward task.

Created by Gary Baker on 18th February, 2021


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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