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JD Halogen Tubular Light Bulbs

JD Tubular Halogen Light Bulbs are single ended tungsten halogen light bulbs that are energy efficient replacements for conventional incandescent bulbs, lasting twice as long and reducing energy consumption by 20%. This range of lamps is a high performance, high intensity light source that produces a crisp, clean white light synonymous with the halogen light bulb.

JD halogen bulbs can have any one of a number of cap/bases; E10 Miniature Edison Screw, E11, SES Small Edison Screw, SBC Small Bayonet Cap or ES Edison Screw. Each lamp varies in diameter, from 10mm for the E10 lamp to 117mm for the ES bulb.

The JD halogen also comes in a choice of wattages and voltages; from 50W to 500 Watt and 24V to 240 Volts, so there is bound to be a bulb to fit your requirements. These lamps are used for a diverse range of applications such as light pendants, table lamps, ceiling fans, and high-end decorative lighting, display cases, lounges, retail stores, furniture, museums, restaurants, marine and boat applications and projector floodlighting. Offering a 2000 hour lamp life and a superior light output at an affordable price, the JD Halogen is a viable alternative that saves energy and money.