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Knightsbridge Lighting

Knightsbridge Lighting is a leading international lighting manufacturer specialising in designing and manufacturing high-quality LED lighting products. Founded in 1998 by ML Accessories in the United Kingdom, the Knightsbridge brand has garnered a well-earned reputation for innovation and quality over the last 20 years.

What products does Knightsbridge offer?

Knightsbridge offers a comprehensive lighting range, including LED downlights, LED strip lights, spotlights, under cabinet lights, spike lights, bulkheads and much more. These products also come in various styles, finishes, shapes, wattages and much more to suit what the home or the business requires for illumination. Furthermore, the Knightsbridge brand boasts a wide array of accessories ranging from sockets and switches to emergency control kits and bezels.

To conclude, Knightsbridge offers a proven, high-quality range of lighting and lighting accessories that will exceed your lighting expectations.

Are Knightsbridge lights good?

Knightsbridge offers high-quality lighting for indoor and outdoor applications. They have become a renowned and trusted brand for the past 20 years due to their attention to detail and market-leading design. The UK lighting manufacturer utilises the latest CRI and LED lighting technologies to achieve the highest quality colour and lumen output; this has garnered Knightsbridge a reputation for not only creating value-for-money lighting with low-running costs.