Kosnic Energy Saving Light Bulbs

The Kosnic Energy Saving light bulb comes in a diverse range of lamp shapes, sizes, wattages and cap/base types, but common to all is the benefits they offer over a traditional incandescent or halogen light source. The Kosnic Compact Fluorescent Décor lamp is designed to retain the appearance of traditional incandescent lamps and to this end is available in a host of conventional shapes including Golfball, GLS, Candle, Reflector and Globe. Also detailed here is the CFL 110 Volt Spiral range of energy savers.

Kosnic Energy Saving Light Bulbs Continued

Switching to Kosnic CFL Energy Saving light bulbs results in substantial reductions in energy usage of up to 80% compared to conventional light sources and impressively long lifespans on lamps of up to 10,000 hours. Furthermore the use of these lamps reduces CO2 emissions thereby aiding the environment. Each Kosnic lamp is a retrofit replacement for an existing old style light bulb so making the switch is simple!