Kosnic LED Filament GLS (LED.Home) Light Bulbs

Browse our exciting and energy saving Kosnic LED Filament Bulbs and discover some super products which can help you make some impressive power reductions. We are able to offer you a choice of efficient lamps in our selection, spanning from 4.5 W to 7 W.

Kosnic LED Filament GLS (LED.Home) Light Bulbs Continued

This is the ideal option for the 'green' and environmentally friendly consumer who is looking for a lamp which will maintain the comforting look and feel of your incandescents whilst running on relatively low amounts of energy. Indeed, the quality lines in this collection have been designed in order to mimic the appearance of the traditional lighting as closely as possible. This amazing range is sure to hold the perfect energy saving GLS for a variety of applications, but would be especially suitable for hospitality as well as domestic scenarios.