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Kosnic LED T8 Standard (LED.Commercial) Fluorescent Tube Replacements

A range of Kosnic T8 LEd Fluorescent Tubes to replace existing T8 fluorescent lamps. Detailed here is the Kosnic Commercial LED T8 Standard Lamp, designed exclusively for easy replacement of fluorescent lamps. No rewiring is required for fittings with a magnetic ballast. This range has been designed for safety with live and neutral placed at the same end.

This range comes in a choice of 10W, 20W or 30 Watt versions and lengths ranging from 600mm to 1800mm. These lamps offer an impressive 30,000 hour lamp life and excellent colour rendering and lumen maintenance. LED Fluorescent Tubes are ideal for a host of retail, commercial and office applications particularly where cost cutting is a priority e.g. in schools, supermarkets, sports halls and hospitals.