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Kosnic is a leading manufacturer in the design and development of Low Energy and LED Light Bulbs and Fittings. Incorporating the latest Compact Fluorescent and LED lighting technologies Kosnic has brought to the market a vast range of light bulbs that offer exceptional energy saving properties in combination with cost-saving and environmental benefits, all at an affordable price.

The benefits of replacing traditional halogen and incandescent lamps with a Kosnic branded light source are immediate; not only is energy consumption reduced by up to 90% but the lamp life of many LED products is extended up to 30,000 to 40,000 hours!

We have detailed the Kosnic range into ‘easy to navigate’ categories; within each section you will find a comprehensive list of products with individual specifications. From the simply functional yet still stylish, to the purely decorative yet still ultra-efficient, you will find a Kosnic lamp to meet your requirements. Kosnic has quickly become renowned as a company manufacturing light bulbs and luminaires that offer excellent value for money, exceptional durability and reliability and high performance. With the number of Kosnic Lamps totalling 700 you are sure to find a product well suited to your requirements.