Large Tubular Halogen Light Bulbs

The Large Tubular Halogen light bulb features a Giant Edison Screw E40 cap and operates directly off mains voltage to provide a direct retrofit replacement for a conventional incandescent GES lamp. These laps produce up to 20% more light and last up to twice as long as conventional light bulbs. This not only gives you brighter light, it means fewer replacements because halogen lamps don't fail as often.

Large Tubular Halogen Light Bulbs Continued

The GES tubular halogen lamp comes in four wattages; 300w, 500w, 1000w and 2000 watt, to provide a high intensity light source that emits a WarM White 2700K colour temperature. The quality of light emitted is superior to that of a conventional bulb and this lamp is also 100% dimmable adding to its versatility. These lamps measure 260mm x 42mm and last 2000 hours. Generally the halogen GES bulb is used in floodlighting and commercial applications where good colour rendering is a requirement.